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Lennox, Kris

Etudes For Electric Guitar (Book/Download Card)
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Lennox, Kris  - Etudes For Electric Guitar (Book/Download Card)

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Contained within Etudes For Electric Guitar are twelve exciting pieces for solo Electric Guitar designed to improve your skill and technique, specially devised by renowned composer Kris Lennox. As well as the standard notation and tab, the accompanying Download Card also gives you instant access to professionally-recorded demonstrations by the author himself.
If your Guitar-playing is somehow stuck in a rut, or perhaps you just want some pieces to play away from a band setting, then Etudes For Electric Guitar is the book for you. Designed for intermediate guitarists, these twelve, completely original studies will help improve your technique and range by really focusing on certain aspects of your playing, such as fingering, rhythm and picking. These are challenging pieces, but if incorporated into a practice routine, they'll be hugely beneficial, as well as simply enjoyable to play.

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Author and composer Kris Lennox feels strongly about the etudes included in this collection of solo Guitar sheet music, and this is evident in his extensive written introductions, justifications and guidance notes for each study. He has noticed that the majority of electric guitarists can play the rhythm or lead parts of songs, while the electric Guitar is rarely thought of as its own solo instrument. With Etudes For Electric Guitar, Lennox hopes to change this, composing pieces that sound great, while also being technically challenging and entirely worthy of your time. You won't need any special equipment, just a standard electric Guitar and a willingness to learn and improve. The extensive notes give you essential tips on working through each study, making sure they are as beneficial as possible.
Featuring twelve etudes, all in different keys, the notes are included in standard notation and tablature, so you don't have to know how to read music. There are also some fingering suggestions, so for particular stretches or complex passages, you can get help on where to put your fingers! The accompanying download card also gives you instant online access to studio-quality demonstrations, recorded by Kris Lennox himself, so you can hear exactly how each etude should sound. If you're feeling brave enough, you could attempt to play along with Lennox's recording, but be sure to start slowly!

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Aktueller Artikel Lennox, Kris - Etudes For Electric Guitar (Book/Download Card) Art.Nr.: 25622
Lennox, Kris
Etudes For Electric Guitar (Book/Download Card)
Notation: Guitartab,Noten
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